The purpose of this Monday night studies group is to dedicate time to research in developing optimal personal defense strategies. Different fighting methods lend to the credibility of tools, techniques, applications, concepts and principles that make armed and unarmed personal defense more effective. These are the goals in each class.
-Explore in every context different fighting methods regardless of system, style or methodology.
-Experience the various common movements in multiple formats to make informed decisions on practical application.
-Develop personal models for Edged Weapons, Impact Weapons, and Empty-Hand Fighting.
-Allow each member to evolve and creatively discover the catalyst by which they develop a deeper understanding of the arts and a higher level of physical awareness by personal exploration of both historical and modern fighting systems.

As every individual goes through various stages of personal development in this class, ask yourself:

Are three questions being answered?
1 – Is the training simple, direct and effective? (Practical)
2 – Is it being taught in a way I will understand? (Comprehensible)
3 – Does the training make sense when put into a realistic scenario? (Applicable)

More will be added as we continue to explore.

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