I owe a huge thanks to my wife and kids who have never quite understood my fascination with the martial arts. Thank you to everyone in my life, past, present and future, for your support in my passionate pursuit of a dream come true!

As always, I will still continue in providing quality martial arts instruction to children and personal defense to adults as much as my time on earth allows.

About Clyde Arnold

-October 28, 1983 – Began Martial Arts training at age 13 in Moo Duk Kwon Tae Kwon Do under instructor David Marshall and assistant instructor Trevor McDonald in Southport, NC
-Joined United States Army in 1987, straight out of high school
-While stationed at Fort Hood, Texas trained under Golden Gloves boxer in Western Boxing for approximately 6 months (Over 100 hours of intensive but fun training! Then my musical and acting talents pulled me in another direction!)
-Member of EKU Karate Club (acquiring various experiences in Judo, Aikido and Shaolin-Do Karate)
-December 1994 Graduate of Eastern Kentucky University – B.A. Public Relations, minor in Broadcast Communications
Black Belt in Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do, American Martial Arts Institute, David L. Carmen (of Indiana), June 13, 1995
-Black Belt Certified Instructor of Karate, American Martial Arts Institute, David L. Carmen, June 13, 1995
-Community Self Defense Instructor since 1995
Founder, Combat Self Defense & Close Quarters Combat Self Defense (CSD & CQCSD), July 1995
-Member – International Combat Taekwondo Federation (ICTF), June 1996 – 1997
-Member – International Federation of Ju-Jutsuans (IFOJJ), April 1, 1997 – November 22, 1998
-IFOJJ recognition for 1st Dan, Tae Kwon Do, April 1, 1997
-Member – Federation United Martial Artists (FUMA), July 1996 – December 1998
Self Defense Instructor Certification – Self Defense / Defensive Tactics course, Steps to Success program, July 17, 1997
-Member – International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF), August 1996 – 1999
-National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA), Certified Cardio Karate Instructor – March 14, 1999
-Member – Tony Blauer’s Self-Defense System , February 1997
-Sole Proprietor, Part-time Instructor, Arnold Martial Arts Academy, May 1997 – November 1998
-Sole Proprietor, Owner / Chief Executive Instructor, American Martial Arts Academy, November 1998 – February 2003
-Member – W. Hock Hockheim’s Scientific Fighting Congress, January 2000 – August 2003
Founder of F.A.T.E. Self Defense Program for Women (Fear Awareness Training & Empowerment), January 1998
-Use of Force and Defensive Tactics training, Deputy Scott Norman, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Dayton, OH (& Representative of Nine -Lives Training Center), February 21, 2004
-National Security Alliance, Kid Safe Network Division, Agent Grade First Level, February 27, 2004
-Member – Martial Arts Teachers’ Association, May 2006 – August 2008
-July 1, 2007 – Retired – United States Army Reserves – Operation Enduring Freedom VI (Afghanistan) Veteran
Mixed Martial Arts Instructor Certification, Defensive Services International – May 18, 2010
-Independent Taekwondo Association Member – May 18, 2010
-Member FAST Success Association (Fear Adrenaline Stress Training) – December 2010
-Martial Arts Program Director & Coach/Instructor at Top Flight Gymnastics – August 2007 – Present
-1st Dan Black Belt, Combat Hapkido, International Combat Hapkido Federation – August 2, 2013

-Blue Belt, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Gerry Barone – March 23, 2022

Meet the Team

Right now there is just one additional member to the APD team. Will you be next?

John C

John Cioffi, III

Assistant Coach

John has been training with APD since 2015. His background in traditional martial arts and thirst for new knowledge was recognized early when he started cross training. John was promoted to Black Belt with full Instructor status in Arnold Martial Arts Integrated Method on December 11, 2022 and also has full Instructor status in Arnold Personal Defense Combatives. With all of this martial arts and self defense experience, his personal stay-safe philosophy, analytical skills and attention to detail comes through in every class you will take. Be prepared for moments of revelation as you learn and apply instantaneously in class.