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3 Questions

If you’re looking for optimal Personal Defense instruction, you really need to ask yourself three questions.

1 – Is the training simple, direct and effective? (Practical)

2 – Is it being taught in a way I will understand? (Comprehensible)

3 – Does the training make sense when put into a realistic scenario? (Applicable)

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The Class

Want to know what this means?

K = E ( ( R + D ) I F S )

Knowledge equals the Evolution of Research and Development of Integrated Fighting Systems. Let’s go in depth…

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Community Self Defense

I take great pride in being one of the few private personal defense instructors in the Northern Kentucky area. If you are interested in Personal Protection classes for yourself, a loved one, or friends and associates at your community space, workplace or church group, you’ve come to the right place. Please take special note that I respect everyone’s privacy and as my client, I’ll keep your training completely confidential!

As an instructor, I also enjoy passing on the knowledge of the martial arts to today’s youth. If you are interested in a slightly more traditional form of martial arts for your child, check out the Arnold Martial Arts page at NKyMartialArts.com where you can get more detailed information.

Practical & Tactical

“My pledge to you as your personal instructor, is to provide the most up to date, efficient and effective means to protecting yourself and the ones you love. I’ve dedicated 28 years into learning about violence so that you don’t have to be a victim. You’re not coming to me to go through rituals, wear a uniform, or learn old techniques that might have worked a very long time ago. You want the hard truth and how it applies to the situations of today. Let’s face it, when it comes to unarmed Combatives, no one single style or system holds a patent on the truth. If you are coming to me to learn, there should be no doubt in your mind about the effectiveness. I want to make you safer and I want to thank you in advance for entrusting me with that personal goal.”

Coach Clyde M. Arnold

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A Trial Class can no longer be free. I’ve dedicated years to perfecting what you need to know in the first hour. I’ve made every effort of building in the satisfaction of knowing you are on the right track with your personal safety.

Personal Defense classes are all PRIVATE 1 on 1 instruction. Group classes are available if you have family or friends that want to do this with you (or just observe), but that will need to be a different rate.

Send an e-mail, right now, with the answer to these 3 questions. What are your expectations in a self defense course? What are your capabilities (assets)? What are your limitations (weaknesses)?

I’m not going to spam you, sell your e-mail or send you countless e-mails. I don’t have time for that. (I’m busy getting better so I can take care of business if I have to deal with a bad guy myself or protect my family.) I will respond to your request with my own, individually written response…none of that AI stuff. I’ll include my rates for 1 on 1 private instruction and we can see what develops from there.

Look. I’ll just end with this. The world around us sometimes seems like its falling apart. Call it perception or observation…it doesn’t matter. The bad guy just wants to do violent things to you. I hate them. I want you to be safe. I enjoy doing that.