Arnold Personal Defense utilizes the best methods for your personal safety. The idea of an old antiquated style or system being the end-all means is no more! Any system that doesn't continually evolve eventually dies and goes the way of the dinosaur. My pledge to you as your personal instructor, is to provide the most up to date, efficient and effective means to protecting yourself and the ones you love. You're not coming to me to go through rituals, wear a uniform, or learn old techniques that might have worked a very long time ago. You want the hard truth and how it applies to the situations of today. Let's face it, when it comes to unarmed combatives, no one single style or system holds a patent on the truth and as you learn new skills there should be no doubt in your mind about the effectiveness.

You've just found the ONLY private Personal Defense Instructor in Northern Kentucky!

Adult Personal Defense classes are currently scheduled for one night a week on Mondays from 7:35 - 8:35. Please go to the Private VS Small Group page more details on training options.

I take great pride in being one of few private personal defense instructors in the Northern Kentucky area. If you are interested in Personal Protection classes for yourself, a loved one, or friends and associates at your workplace or church group, you've come to the right place. Please take special note that I respect everyone's privacy and as my client, I'll keep your training completely confidential!

The Arnold Personal Defense Blog is linked here with a plethora of information that will be updated frequently! Check it out and send your comments to Coach Arnold.

As an instructor, I also enjoy 'passing on the knowledge' to today's youth. If you are more interested in a more traditional form of martial arts for your child, I would like to direct you to another page, NKYmartialarts.com where you can get more detailed information.